Sea freight

Sea freight is our speciality. As specialists with a wide experience in the field of maritime transport of cargo, we offer our Clients comprehensive services in this area and international as well.

Our sea freight service is provided for:

  • bulk cargo,
  • general cargo,
  • barges and pontoons for single trips,
  • time charter and bareboat charter,
  • transit contracts,



Special transport, transshipment services and more

We are a partner you can trust. Oversized transport and special transport is a core activity of our company from years. We have a particularly wide experience in maintenance and transit of special cargo from Polish ports to ports in the Far East, the Middle East and West Africa.

We provide an economical and effective transit, as well as a case-by-case approach to every order. As specialists, we offer our Clients competitive prices, as well as comprehensive services and assistance in all aspects of the sea freight process. We also provide transshipment services by carrying out transshipment in the port in Gdynia and Gdańsk. We successfully send containers with loaded cargo, even to the most distant parts of the world. You can trust the experience and competence of our sea freight and special transport specialists.

We are looking forward to your suggestions and questions.